Winter Readiness, Wheelie Bin Safety and Woodstock Greening Initiative

As we head into the colder months, we’re preparing you with some winter readiness tips to keep both yourself and your property safe.

Additionally, we share some tips on keeping your wheelie bin safe so that you know it’ll always find its way back home, as well as some exciting news about a greening initiative being run in Woodstock.

And, we share some recent updates from our WID manager on their operational achievements in the CID.

On The Ground Report from our CID Manager

meet the WID managers

One of our CID Managers, Jason Roux, shares some positive achievements of the Woodstock Improvement District in recent months:

  1. Tide Road / Abandoned Prasa Building in Railway Street:

On 22 February 2024, WID manager Jason Roux attended a follow-up meeting at the council chambers with all role-players regarding the abandoned building on Railway Street, and shares the following update:

  • PRASA has appointed a contractor in place for the demolition of the building.
  • The property is on sale or available for a lease agreement.
  • Other tenants on this property are in a position where they have no other option but to move their business due to the extreme vandalism taking place. This matter is becoming urgent.
  • The building must be fenced and secured – there has been no confirmation on this yet.
  • The security on-site must monitor and report emergency or other relevant activities.
  • All persons must be evicted and removed, but an eviction order will take up more time.
  • The key will be to have a disruptive operation with Woodstock SAPS, Metro Police, Law Enforcement Metal Theft Unit, Law Enforcement DPU, Immigration, Correctional Services, Social Development and Railway Police.
  • Chairperson wants the operation to take place no later than 5 March 2024.
  • There were discussions on the building inspectors and fire department collaborating to declare the building unsafe, but it is not City-owned land.

After this meeting, he included the City Officials (Alderman Metthew Kempsthorne – Chairperson, Cllr McMahon, Sub Council Manager Girshwin Fouldien) in the SAPS meeting that commenced at 12H00.

  • PRASA attended the meeting and together with the collaboration and assistance from SAPS, other roleplayers who will receive the invitation for this joint operation and the City Officials as a witness – confirmed a date for the disruptive operation for 28 February 2024 at 05H00 in the morning.
  1. Scrapyards and scrap from Tide Road:
  • Woodstock SAPS checked the scrapyard on Albert Road and couldn’t find any suspicious activities around scrap collections.
  • They do suspect the scrap is being sold at SA Metal in Maitland.
  1. Wright Street:
  • Wright Street has become a legal case and is with Finance currently.
  1. Pine Road:
  • The potential development for social housing on the part of private property is looking at the dates around May 2024.
  • The City-owned land is aimed for a site office.
  1. Douglas Place continues to stay an ongoing process.

In addition, Jason shared the following achievements:

  • A Bin Audit according to the Integrated Waste Management By-law on problematic businesses was conducted on 5 April 2024 and the follow up operation commenced on 3 May 2024.
  • On the 17 April another operation took place at the Tide Road building and found break-in tools, which were confiscated and booked into SAPS13. The building is up for demolition but still awaiting PRASA for the contractor.
  • On 23 April a joint operation took place in terms of compliance towards motorbike shops.

Winter Readiness

The crisp air and cosy vibes of winter are fast approaching, but so are the challenges of rain, wind and potential disruptions. Don’t get caught off guard! We’ve got you covered with essential tips to navigate the season seamlessly. 

From keeping your property prepared and business functioning smoothly, to staying safe on the roads, these handy suggestions will help you embrace the winter flow. 

winter readiness tips

Greening in Woodstock

So you live in Woodstock and you want a tree on the pavement? ⁠

U-Watch Woodstock, the Woodstock Residents’ Association, Woodstock Improvement District and Parks Department have been working together to make planting trees as easy as possible, to keep our area green, clean and cool.⁠

This time of the year is a great time to plant trees with plenty of rain to help them settle in. ⁠

Heres how!⁠⁠

1. Check that your pavement is 1.8m wide. ⁠

2. Ensure your neighbours are happy with the proposal. ⁠

3. Check there are no obstructions such as power lines etc. ⁠

4. Drop into Parker’s on Roodebloem Road and ask for a Tree Planting Form. (Buy a delicious koeksister or five whilst you’re there!)⁠

5. Complete the from and scan/take a picture of it. Take a photo identifying the spot where you would like a tree planting. Send the photo and the completed from to ⁠

6. One of our Greening Ambassadors will be in contact about what trees to chose from. ⁠

It’s as simple as that!⁠

Wheelie Bin Safety

Learn how to keep your wheelie bin and property safe, or replace a lost bin, with these helpful tips.

Keeping your wheelie bin secure benefits both you and the community. Clearly marking your bin with your house number or address increases the chances of its safe return if it gets misplaced. But security goes beyond just the bin itself. To ensure your overall safety, be mindful of what you throw away. Avoid discarding medication bottles with your name or address visible. Shred any personal documents before disposal to prevent identity theft.

Bin placement also plays a role in security. Leaving your wheelie bin too close to walls or fences creates a potential climbing aid for trespassers. Ideally, store your bin in a designated area, like a garage or shed, whenever possible. If not, position it in a well-lit, open area away from fences and walls. By following these simple tips, you can keep your wheelie bin secure and reduce potential security risks around your property.

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