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What does the Woodstock Improvement District do?

Woodstock Improvement District (WID) provides top-up cleaning and security services to one of Cape Town’s oldest residential and business nodes. View high resolution 2020 map.

The area marked shows the WID boundaries.

How did WID begin?

In the early 2000s several local business leaders became increasingly concerned about the signs of urban decay in the Woodstock area. The safety of employees travelling between transport hubs and places of employment was also an issue. For this reason, the Woodstock Upliftment Project was established which subsequently led to the establishment of a Business Forum. The Forum’s main focus areas were security, cleaning and greening. With the support and input from City Council,the Woodstock Improvement District was established in May 2005. Read the full story on our blog.

In cooperation with its partners (City of Cape Town, SAPS, property and business owners) WID has made, and continues to make, a constructive contribution to making Woodstock a desirable place to live, work and play.

What are the core responsibilities of WID?

  • To supplement and enhance the basic services offered by the City of Cape Town.
  • To facilitate a cooperative approach between the City and private sector in the provision of municipal services.
  • To coordinate the provision of a well-maintained, safer, cleaner and greener environment in Woodstock.
  • To exhibit Woodstock as a prime location and preserve its district identity.

How is WID funded?

A levy over and above the existing property rates is charged by the City of Cape Town on all business properties within WID’s area of operation (see map).  This levy is based on the municipal valuation of each property and is payable by all property owners. These funds are paid over to WID, which in turn operates according to an approved business plan and budget.

How does WID operate?

The WID is a non-profit company, in a Special Rating Area (SRA) with a board of directors representing local commercial property owners. The board provides financial and operational oversight and strategic direction, and develops the business plan and budget of WID.

Who partners with WID?

Security and cleaning are performed by companies contracted by the WID. In addition, the WID supervises two Law Enforcement Officers committed to the WID area by the City of Cape Town.

Who is in charge of WID?

WID is accountable to its members, who are commercial property owners in WID’s area and are registered as such. It reports on its management and finances on an annual basis at the Annual General Meeting, which all registered commercial property owners are entitled to attend.

New Management Team

As of September 2020, Woodstock Improvement District is running under new management.

The Board of the Woodstock Improvement District NPC has appointed a new management company to oversee its operations. Geocentric Information Systems (Pty) Ltd (“Geocentric”) has been duly appointed to manage the Woodstock Improvement District from 1 September 2020.

All existing email addresses will remain active.

For any on-site operational matters please contact:

Deon Manual – 062 883 7045 – deon@geocentric.co.za
Jason Roux – 074 750 1436 – jason@geocentric.co.za

The current board of directors
  • Jackie Krohn – Chairperson and Cleaning Director
  • Simon Thirsk – Security Director
  • Arnold Shapiro – Financial Director
  • Grant Elliott – Social Director

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