Local coffee for your daily grind

Local coffee spots in Woodstock have almost become an irreplaceable part of the business landscape. Thank goodness, because it’s almost impossible to think of starting the day without your dose of java! Investing in your immediate community is what sustains it, so we always advocate the importance of supporting local business whether that be an ad agency, a craftsman, an artist of a coffee shop. We’re fortunate to be surrounded by some local gems offering a caffeine fix, so we’re going to share them with you.

Before we do, we’re going to give you some safety tips so you can do a coffee run without a security risk:

  • Make your coffee shop visit a social one – ask if anyone else at your workplace would like to join you. This way, you spend some time with a colleague and you don’t have to walk alone.
  • When you’re walking, whether alone or with someone else, try to keep your cellphone and any other valuables out of site. Walk with purpose, and don’t stop unnecessarily.
  • When you’re in a coffee shop, don’t leave your bag or laptop unattended if you need to go to the bathroom or even to pick up your coffee from the counter. Be aware of the other people around you.

Now, these are the places you’ll want to go:

Early bird gets the worm: Flatmountain Roasters

This cosy coffee shop is one of the few in Cape Town that is open as early as 06h00. So whether you’re out for that sunrise run and need motivation to get you through or you simply have an early start for work, this place is for you. The local coffee barista, Gosh, makes one of the best cortados you’ll ever have. Enjoy waking up with the city holding a steaming cup of yum!

It really is a science: Espresso Lab Microroasters

Coffee is more than an art – it’s a science, and Espresso Lab proves just that. This coffee shop serves some of their brews in glass beakers alongside a timer. Why? So you know when your coffee is at the perfect drinking temperature. Their website also features brewing formulas if you need another fix at the end of the day for you to make at home.

Ancient artisanal art: Rosetta Roastery

Set in the Woodstock Exchange, Rosetta Roastery is the sort of local coffee shop that will make you want to build a monument to their beans. Just as coffee itself dates back hundreds of years, we hope that this spot will live on and on too. They are famous for single origin coffee and the baristas will gladly explain what this means. This is not a place you run in and out of because of how relaxed the vibe is, so use your lunch break wisely and stay a while.

If you see our patrol vehicle nearby, we’re probably grabbing our own cup of hot stuff at the start of a day, so come say hi. Alternatively, if you ever need our help, call our 24/7 control room on 021 462 1205.


  1. Another best coffee bar at all @ one stop print shop. Best “tribe”coffee and affordable, for as little as 17 rand for a 350 mls cappuccino, americano or flat white

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