Woodstock seeps rich history and monumental heritage

It’s Heritage Month and the perfect moment to acknowledge how hard we’ve fought and worked as a country to get where we are today. It’s also a time to get excited about the future and assess the changes we’re bringing about for generations to come. At WID we believe that if we look after what we have today, it’ll still be here tomorrow.

It’s an honour for us to provide security and cleaning services in the business nodes of Woodstock. The area has come a long way and we’re excited to see the growth and development continue. Since the start of WID, we’ve expanded from employing ten officers to our current team of nineteen. We started with six cleaners initially and now we employ ten. The core staff of WID has accumulated 32 years of service collectively. The positive effect this evolving team has on the area is evident.

“Woodstock is blooming,” says John Julies, our Operations Manager. He continues, “Business is bursting. If you go down Albert Road – it’s the best road in Woodstock because of the businesses. They are putting a lot of money into Woodstock. People are investing in the area and it’s looking pretty good.”

WID started more than a decade ago, in 2006. We’ve had offices on Woodlands Road, Right Street, Victoria Road, Sir Lowry Road and now we’re back on Victoria in a bigger and better working space. Each time we’ve moved it’s been to increase our accessibility to the public – it’s important that we are central to where all the action is happening. Where we are now, at 172 Victoria Road, is right in the middle of it all.

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of big developments. Some of these include the Woodstock Exchange, the Old Biscuit Mill and the Foundry. The investments that businesses are making have become more widely spread, as investors have grown to acknowledge the area’s potential.

Julies says, “We walk around Woodstock and see that as businesses are coming in, the bad things are starting to disappear. There are still occasional problems but it’s much better.”

Chris Lloyd, General Manager, adds, “I like the artiness about Woodstock – it’s unique. It’s full of diverse cultures; it’s really beautiful.

“I remember we used to come here as children; I remember the old buildings with big pillars. It was always a very exciting visit. It’s changed a bit but there are lots of memories,” comments Nicola le Roux, Administrator.

As we celebrate this month, let’s acknowledge the history and heritage of Woodstock. This is our home and we’re here to look after it.

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