WID Winter Warmers

WID Winter Warmers

Winter is officially in full swing and we are anticipating many more cold, dark and damp days ahead. We also know that there are men, women and children suffering on the streets during this time that could greatly benefit from a small act of kindness – so why not keep the heat in and the cold out this winter by spreading the love becoming involved in these heart-warming initiatives in the Woodstock community and its surroundings.

Woodstock Improvement District Blanket Drive

Throughout the year and especially during these chilly winter months, the Woodstock Improvement District collects and also allows for drop-offs of blankets for distribution to the homeless.

Visit our offices at: 172 Victoria Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town or contact Abigail Abrahams for more information at 021 462 7321

Percy Bartley House

Percy Bartley House is located at 44 Pine Road, Woodstock, Cape Town – an organization that  accommodates 20 boys between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years who come off the streets, are neglected or come from impoverished circumstances and have behavioural problems who are referred by the children’s court. The organization provides useful mentorship programmes, educational programmes, counselling and therapy programmes, skills development programmes and serving young men in need of a place to stay while they look for employment or support to complete their education and integrate back into society.

But for any organization of this nature they need the support of the community.

Percy Bartley House seeks donations of warm clothing for boys aged 12 to 18, shoes, blankets, underwear, toiletries such as  soap, toothpaste, lotion, roll-on and toilet roll, and food: non-perishable food, second computer and stationery

Visit their website for more information: https://percybartleyhouse.co.za

The Haven Night Shelter

Situated at 20 Selkirk Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, The Haven Night Shelter started an initiative called the “Buy A Bed” campaign whereby community members are encouraged to cover the cost of shelter fees for a minimum of 5 nights at a total of R60.00 for a homeless person with no income. Your donation not only helps the organization to be sustainable but also gives someone the opportunity to have a good night’s rest in a clean, warm, safe environment.

For more information go to: https://www.haven.org.za/buyabed

Obs Pasta Kitchen

Volunteer at the Obs Pasta Kitchen every Wednesday at 6pm where you could be offering a hot bowl of pasta to the many needy residents (often homeless) and passers-through in Observatory. You will not only be providing a meal for someone in need but you will also be creating connections and building relationships with those who are less fortunate than you are. Volunteers to arrive by 5.45pm at St. Michael’s hall in Bedford Street and leave at 7pm.

If you unable to make it for a Wednesday evenings, Ferdinando’s in Lower Main Road accepts donations of pasta that you may drop off any time during their business hours. They also have various fundraising campaigns running to support members of the community, such as putting one of the regular guests through a rehabilitation programme: http://za.iahv.org/campaigns/super-18-support-jontys-recovery/

Find more information on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/obspastakitchen/about/

So make a difference and help to change lives this winter by considering or participating in any one of the above initiatives or causes. Remember that every human being counts and that by investing your time, efforts and money back into your community, you will be strengthening your community and giving people hope for a better tomorrow.

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