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WID St Anne’s

Women and children are among the most vulnerable in our community and in society at large. As a community focused organisation, WID is committed to assisting entities that support those in need.

While support and donations are never to be turned down, we do want to encourage people to give responsibly, by supporting an accredited organisation rather than the individual directly. The reason for this is simply the issue of sustainability of the support. Helping an individual typically solves a short-term problem, while organisations focus on offering long-term solutions that allows individuals to ultimately become independent, productive members of society.

This month we’re placing the spotlight on a 115-year-old organisation that does sterling work in Woodstock and that is always in need of extra, both in terms of resources and financial contributions.

St Annes’s Home in Balfour Street is a place of safety for abused and destitute women and children, and one of the organisations in Woodstock working hard to improve the plight of the less fortunate.

They offer a variety of programmes, in addition to shelter, for those in need of refuge, support and comfort. But, like most non-government organisations, they needs extra help and resources.

WID recently checked in with them to find out what their most immediate needs are. Currently St Anne’s Home needs baby products and blankets, and any help or donations in this regard would be most appreciated.

While these are their most urgent needs, their “wish list” is extensive and includes some of the following items:

* Baby formula

* Disposable nappies

* Bedding – pillows, sheets, blankets, duvets, mattress protectors

While these are some of the more pressing needs, the full list of needs includes clothing, food, stationery and general household items. Please consider donating to this worthy organisation. Donations can be dropped off at their premises. Alternatively, reach out to them by contacting them on 021 448 6792.

St Annes Home Woodstock

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