Going local this festive season

Going local this festive season

This year Christmas will unlikely be the same. The tills won’t be ringing with the same vigour because of business closures along with the worst unemployment rate and retail spend in years, according to economists, retail analysts and trade unions.

But who’s to say we can’t have ourselves a Merry Christmas after all?

Despite everything that has transpired this year and all the stress we have been put under as a nation and globally, the festive season is a time of year that everyone looks forward to – and now that it is finally here we should not squander it!

Make the most of this holiday season by trying out our list of things to make and do and places to visit to put a boost in your holiday cheer.

Whatever route you choose, as long as you’ve got the spirit of Christmas in your heart, you really can’t go wrong.

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Kids safety tips for the best family holidays

The summer holidays will soon be in full swing, and children will return from school to family care. Of course, this time together should not only be about making memories, but safety must always come first, especially when it comes to kids. Remind yourself of these tips, and then get planning for a happy summer together!

Appropriate babysitters

We understand that parents can’t be with their children all of the time. Whether it’s work, social events, or personal time to exercise there will be occasions when you will be elsewhere. Plan and make sure that whenever you are not with your children, someone else is. Only leave your children in the care of a responsible adult, and make sure they have met any babysitters before you leave them alone together.

Safe transport

Whenever kids are in a car, the child locks should be enabled, and babies or toddlers should be safely buckled into car seats. Older children, like all passengers, should wear their seatbelts at all times. Remember to adjust the headrests to the appropriate height to protect young necks in the event of a crash. Remember never to leave children alone in a car, even if you are just nipping into the shops for a pint of milk! If using public transport, keep a close eye on your children. In particular, be careful to keep your children the appropriate distance away from moving trains, buses and cars. Never leave children unattended in public places, including on platforms or bus stops.

Safety in public

When making the most of these holidays, and enjoying days out, remain aware of your children at all times. Whether you’re heading for the beach, to the cinema or out for a bite to eat, your offspring should be your primary focus throughout the day. Make sure that they are protected from potential hazards and make sure they are mindful of the danger strangers could pose. With young children, it is helpful to remind them that they should never go anywhere with an adult that they do not know.

First aid awareness

Refresh your memory of basic first aid and at the very least have appropriate basic supplies at hand. It’s advisable to keep a stock of plasters, child-friendly painkillers, a thermometer and antiseptic at hand in case of accidents. If you have the time, many organisations offer first aid training either in person or via online courses. These really could make a difference, so we strongly suggest participating. Save contact numbers for the emergency services, your family doctor and the appropriate security team in your phone and display these somewhere prominent at home too. We suggest putting a copy of this list on your fridge, and explaining to your children what they must do in the case of an emergency.

Child friendly environments

During the school holidays, children will be spending more time at home. They may be more curious or mobile than they were during the last vacation, so assess again whether your house is child-friendly. Remember to place all dangerous substances and objects out of their reach. Tidy all electrical wiring away and be sure to fence off swimming pools. For younger children, install safety latches on cupboard doors to prevent access to toxic cleaning products. We also recommend covering unused electrical outlets with safety caps and checking that outlets in the bathroom and kitchen have serviced ground fault circuit interrupters.

Don’t drink and parent!

Be very careful with using alcohol if you have children in your care. Apart from the difficulty of parenting on a hangover the next day, you’ll also be setting a bad example for your offspring and potentially putting them in danger by rendering yourself less active, responsive and responsible. Commit to healthy habits and lifestyle choices this summer to inspire your kids and to enjoy a happy and safe festive season together.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy the summer holidays as a family! We look forward to seeing all of our local families enjoying the Woodstock area, particularly in the upcoming sunshine.