Illegal Dumping: What It Is and How to Stop It

Did you know? Annually, over 180 000 tons of waste are cleared from illegal dumping hot spots! That costs the city, and you as the taxpayer, a staggering R350 million a year just in clean-up. In other words, cleaning illegal dumping costs 20 times more than collecting waste from wheelie bins. That is why to create a clean, healthy and safe community we take our work tackling illegal dumping very seriously. 

“Illegal dumping is a severe problem that puts our community at risk of injury and illness and pollutes our ecosystem. In addition, illegal dumpsites can serve as magnets for other criminal activities,” says Gene Lohrentz, CEO of urban management company Geocentric

Image: Tracey Adams/African News Agency(ANA)

Here is what we have learnt when it comes to illegal dumping. 

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Blown Away – How we are preparing to weather the Cape of Storms

The saying goes that ‘Great floods flow from simple sources’. As we prepare for the harshness of the howling gales and pelting rain that make up Cape Town storms, we couldn’t agree more. Many of us are even more conscious now of the pivotal role that winter preparation plays in city management – and what the lack of it can look like – in the aftermath of the 2022 KZN floods

“A combination of terrain challenges, insufficient or ill-maintained infrastructure and increased population density are the main contributors to flooding problems,” says Gene Lohrentz, CEO of urban management company Geocentric, and current management team of the Woodstock Improvement District.

rain Cape Town weather winter preparedness

Here is how we at WID are making sure we are ready to weather the storm: 

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