Notice Annual General Meeting


The Woodstock Improvement District NPC (WID) will be hosting its Annual General Meeting (AGM). All stakeholders are invited to a review of the year’s activities, approval of the extension of the SRA term and planning for 2017/18.

Date: 16 November 2016

Time: 17h30

Venue: Ground Floor (next to Capitec Bank, De Waal House, 172 Victoria Road, Woodstock)

Resolutions presented at the AGM can only be voted on by bona fide members of the WID.  This membership is available free of charges to all owners of non-residential property within the WID footprint, but they must be registered before 11 November 2016.

For further information, AGM documentation and how to register go to or e-mail or call 021 462 7321 .

Take a walk on the Woodstock side of graffiti

Art and graffiti is synonymous with Woodstock; from wall art to architecture this suburb is a masterpiece to behold. One of the most iconic elements of the Woodstock area is its intricately and strikingly detailed urban canvases. Walls, buildings, fences, houses, road structures, bridges – all have been beautifully tainted with this thing called art. More specifically, graffiti art.

Graffiti has often been seen as a symbol of rebellion, key demonstrations of propaganda and an overall recklessness. However, it has come to be so much more. The art of graffiti is a comment on society; it tells the stories of a community and the evolution of an environment or group of people. From simple illustrations to more accessorised literary statements and humorous caricatures, it’s become a key part of our history and our day-to-day lives.


The first stop on your soon-to-be graffiti journey in Woodstock should be Sidestreet Studios on Albert Road – this has become the unofficial heart of art and design. Contrary to what you’d think, the walls on this collection of three buildings was done by a Spanish artist, Okuda. What a brilliant display of vibrancy and life! It just goes to show that art can cross continents and still bring people together. This mural is a high-flying flag for all aspiring artists.

Not all the graffiti in Woodstock is as fresh, though. As one of the oldest, most culturally and historically rich areas of Cape Town, some of the art you see has been there for years and years reminding residents how far the suburb has come. Fortunately, art doesn’t dictate what the story should be. So although the original artist painted with something in mind, any display of creativity is open for you to ascribe your own story or meaning to it. Art is truly about heart and it brings people together – it has brought Woodstock residents together for years.


Take a walk, or a cycle, or even a drive, through the welcoming streets of Woodstock and take in the inspiration that is plastered on almost every corner.

District: an area of a city characterised by one particular feature or activity

The District, set in the heart of Woodstock, is an urban monument to the history of the suburb. This district, however, is quite different to the one written in history books as it serves now as a hub of business and community organisations that look after those in the surrounds. Read on as we walk through the doors of The District and look around at what’s inside.

wid-districtThis iconic building is unassuming in its placement at 41 Sir Lowry Road but if you step inside, there is so much more than meets the eye. As you cross the threshold, you’re met with an urban-like garden with succulents, fountain displays and a beautiful allocated area of tables with benches and swing chairs. This lunch area brings all the offices together and adds a space to relax in an otherwise fairly corporate environment.

There are quite a number of businesses that call this building, and the bustling suburb, home. In the confines of the four walls you’ll find a fresh, on-the-go food stop called GoGo. In their own words, they’re becoming the caffeine capital of Woodstock, packed full of brain food that you can grab between meetings. When it comes to all things creative, they’ve got the food covered and in the same building Ogilvy has it covered in terms of advertising and art.

If you get up to the fourth floor, you’ll find Strike Media – a full-service mobile marketing agency. Their slogan is The power of mobile. Own the street. which is apt in that they’re literally just off the street. Look around a bit more and you’ll find some other strategically-situated businesses that will do you well if you’re looking to make a change in your own home. These are Procraft Interiors, Forest Flooring and LAVO Bathroom Concepts.

We love having The District as one of our business hubs and we look forward to seeing its growth and development in future. We’re here to serve you, to listen to you, to help you. We have an open door policy and welcome any community feedback that will make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. If you would like to talk to us, call us on 021 462 7321. If you would like to report any criminal activity in the area you can call our 24/7 security line on 021 462 1205. Lastly, if you’d like to stay up to date with our news and what’s happening in Woodstock, sign up to our monthly newsletter below.

We look forward to seeing you in The District.