Kids safety tips for the best family holidays

The summer holidays will soon be in full swing, and children will return from school to family care. Of course, this time together should not only be about making memories, but safety must always come first, especially when it comes to kids. Remind yourself of these tips, and then get planning for a happy summer together!

Appropriate babysitters

We understand that parents can’t be with their children all of the time. Whether it’s work, social events, or personal time to exercise there will be occasions when you will be elsewhere. Plan and make sure that whenever you are not with your children, someone else is. Only leave your children in the care of a responsible adult, and make sure they have met any babysitters before you leave them alone together.

Safe transport

Whenever kids are in a car, the child locks should be enabled, and babies or toddlers should be safely buckled into car seats. Older children, like all passengers, should wear their seatbelts at all times. Remember to adjust the headrests to the appropriate height to protect young necks in the event of a crash. Remember never to leave children alone in a car, even if you are just nipping into the shops for a pint of milk! If using public transport, keep a close eye on your children. In particular, be careful to keep your children the appropriate distance away from moving trains, buses and cars. Never leave children unattended in public places, including on platforms or bus stops.

Safety in public

When making the most of these holidays, and enjoying days out, remain aware of your children at all times. Whether you’re heading for the beach, to the cinema or out for a bite to eat, your offspring should be your primary focus throughout the day. Make sure that they are protected from potential hazards and make sure they are mindful of the danger strangers could pose. With young children, it is helpful to remind them that they should never go anywhere with an adult that they do not know.

First aid awareness

Refresh your memory of basic first aid and at the very least have appropriate basic supplies at hand. It’s advisable to keep a stock of plasters, child-friendly painkillers, a thermometer and antiseptic at hand in case of accidents. If you have the time, many organisations offer first aid training either in person or via online courses. These really could make a difference, so we strongly suggest participating. Save contact numbers for the emergency services, your family doctor and the appropriate security team in your phone and display these somewhere prominent at home too. We suggest putting a copy of this list on your fridge, and explaining to your children what they must do in the case of an emergency.

Child friendly environments

During the school holidays, children will be spending more time at home. They may be more curious or mobile than they were during the last vacation, so assess again whether your house is child-friendly. Remember to place all dangerous substances and objects out of their reach. Tidy all electrical wiring away and be sure to fence off swimming pools. For younger children, install safety latches on cupboard doors to prevent access to toxic cleaning products. We also recommend covering unused electrical outlets with safety caps and checking that outlets in the bathroom and kitchen have serviced ground fault circuit interrupters.

Don’t drink and parent!

Be very careful with using alcohol if you have children in your care. Apart from the difficulty of parenting on a hangover the next day, you’ll also be setting a bad example for your offspring and potentially putting them in danger by rendering yourself less active, responsive and responsible. Commit to healthy habits and lifestyle choices this summer to inspire your kids and to enjoy a happy and safe festive season together.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy the summer holidays as a family! We look forward to seeing all of our local families enjoying the Woodstock area, particularly in the upcoming sunshine.

Five things to do in Woodstock this summer

In true Cape Town style, summer will suddenly be here, so now is the time to plan your activities before it officially arrives! Whether it’s going for a walk during your lunch break, or soaking up the sun at your favourite spot after work, make an effort to enjoy the fresh air right on your doorstep now the longer days are here. These are some of our top recommendations for the season ahead:

1. Trafalgar Park

Trafalgar Park was established in 1905 by District Six residents. With a rich history and lots of character, it remains one of Woodstock’s greatest treasures.

With well maintained paths and beautiful open spaces, it’s an ideal spot to clear your head after work or during your lunch break. Get your colleagues together, go for a walk on the footpaths and have your lunch on the grass – plus, spending time with colleagues outside the office environment can be great for team building.

If you live in Woodstock, the park is the perfect place to take the dogs for a walk or the kids for a play date on the jungle gym.

The community and organisations in Woodstock, including the WID team, value the park just as much as the residents and local workers. As a result, they work together to make it a safe and clean space for everyone to enjoy. It’s open daily from sunrise to sunset, and entrance is free.

2. Cocktails with a view

If you’re looking for a cool Caribbean-style spot in Woodstock to enjoy a drink and something to eat at a reasonable price, Jamaica Me Crazy is the place to go. There’s a rooftop view, amazing food and their famous cocktail and happy hour specials.
Follow them on Facebook to keep up with the new specials and regular events.

3. Explore on foot

If there’s one thing we certainly have more than enough of in Woodstock, it’s local coffee shops. If you can’t start your day without your morning caffeine, why not use the trip to get to know your area a little better? Start your morning with a walk to some new spots, and see the streets, people, and businesses we sometimes miss from inside our cars.

As always, we have some favourites that we recommend you try, all written up for you here. We’re really proud of the development and growth of Woodstock over the last few years and fortunate to call this cultural hub our home, so encourage you to take in your surroundings whenever you take a stroll.

4. Grab a cold one

It’s no secret that Woodstock has become beer heaven over the last few years, with new breweries opening their doors on a monthly basis. Woodstock has become awash with craft beer activity.

At WID we love our community, and we love local businesses. When these two are combined with one or two cold ones, it’s even better! Four of our top Woodstock craft beer breweries include Woodstock Brewery, Woodstock Co-op, Drifter Brewing Co. and Riot Beer – but we’re sure that there’s many more. Read more about those four in our previous blog post, and let us know which ones we should add to the list.

5. Market day

The market at The Palms brings stylish ‘plattelandse’ cuisine and fresh produce to the city. We reckon after one visit, this will become one of your favourite local markets. If you don’t have any plans for a Saturday morning, head down to one of Woodstock’s local gems for a laid back start to the weekend with live music, free entry and parking and some of the best food and people in the city.

Now that you know about our favourites, it’s time for you to share yours. Let us know about your favourite places and activities for summer, and let’s make the upcoming season a good one!

As everyone starts to be outdoors a lot more, please also be aware of your surroundings at all times and try not to walk around alone – safety is still our main priority. If you ever feel unsafe or notice anything unusual or suspicious, please don’t hesitate to give our control room a call on 021 462 1205.


Cape Town businesses have to reduce water use by at least 20% under Level 5 water restrictions, in this worst drought in recorded history. Join this Energy, Water & Waste Forum meeting to get updated on the City of Cape Town’s water resilience plan, and practical guidance on water saving and alternative water systems. Learn from business case studies, tools and resources, and a panel discussion on best practices. Forum starts 08h30 for 09h00, until 13h00. An exhibition with 30 suppliers of water-related technologies starts at 08h00, and will be open to the public from 14h00 -17h00.

There is no charge for attendance, but only 400 seats are available at the Forum. Click here to RSVP. Email any queries to

More info about this Forum meeting:

The City of Cape Town and partners at the ‘Energy, Water and Waste Forum’ (previously the Energy Efficiency Forum) invite you to attend a Forum meeting and exhibition focussed on the water crisis.  

DATE              : Thursday 19 October 2017
TIME              08h30 for 09h00 – 13h00, followed by light lunch & exhibition until 17h00
VENUE           Hall 1, Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), Cape Town. 
RSVP             : Click here to RSVP Please also forward to anyone else who may be interested in attending.   


KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Executive Mayor of the City of Cape Town, Alderman Patricia de Lillle


  • Latest on resilience plan implementation, including supply and demand side solutions
  • Introduction of draft guidelines for installation of alternative water systems 
  • Practical guidance for businesses e.g. contingency plans, support tools etc.


BUSINESS CASE STUDIES AND PANEL DISCUSSION– A range of businesses will share their water saving and alternative water use initiatives, and lessons learnt. 


ENERGY UPDATE –City of Cape Town’s Energy Directorate

EXHIBITION – 30 suppliers of water-related technologies and solutions. Exhibition open from 8am, and open to the public from 14h00 to 17h00. 

Tea and light lunch will be served in the exhibition area. 

Please RSVP to receive the full programme and venue directions.There is no charge for attending the Forum, but attendance is limited to 400 business people. Business association representatives will get priority. For any queries, contact

Woodstock seeps rich history and monumental heritage

It’s Heritage Month and the perfect moment to acknowledge how hard we’ve fought and worked as a country to get where we are today. It’s also a time to get excited about the future and assess the changes we’re bringing about for generations to come. At WID we believe that if we look after what we have today, it’ll still be here tomorrow.

It’s an honour for us to provide security and cleaning services in the business nodes of Woodstock. The area has come a long way and we’re excited to see the growth and development continue. Since the start of WID, we’ve expanded from employing ten officers to our current team of nineteen. We started with six cleaners initially and now we employ ten. The core staff of WID has accumulated 32 years of service collectively. The positive effect this evolving team has on the area is evident.

“Woodstock is blooming,” says John Julies, our Operations Manager. He continues, “Business is bursting. If you go down Albert Road – it’s the best road in Woodstock because of the businesses. They are putting a lot of money into Woodstock. People are investing in the area and it’s looking pretty good.”

WID started more than a decade ago, in 2006. We’ve had offices on Woodlands Road, Right Street, Victoria Road, Sir Lowry Road and now we’re back on Victoria in a bigger and better working space. Each time we’ve moved it’s been to increase our accessibility to the public – it’s important that we are central to where all the action is happening. Where we are now, at 172 Victoria Road, is right in the middle of it all.

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of big developments. Some of these include the Woodstock Exchange, the Old Biscuit Mill and the Foundry. The investments that businesses are making have become more widely spread, as investors have grown to acknowledge the area’s potential.

Julies says, “We walk around Woodstock and see that as businesses are coming in, the bad things are starting to disappear. There are still occasional problems but it’s much better.”

Chris Lloyd, General Manager, adds, “I like the artiness about Woodstock – it’s unique. It’s full of diverse cultures; it’s really beautiful.

“I remember we used to come here as children; I remember the old buildings with big pillars. It was always a very exciting visit. It’s changed a bit but there are lots of memories,” comments Nicola le Roux, Administrator.

As we celebrate this month, let’s acknowledge the history and heritage of Woodstock. This is our home and we’re here to look after it.

Open Streets is growing! Get involved.

For those interested in helping to shape our space and get involved with local development, Open Streets is right up your alley! This innovative initiative offers the perfect opportunity to connect with others who are working hard to improve our communities. The next Open Streets will take place on Sunday, 1 October and we’ve got all the information you’ll need.

The Open Streets concept was inspired by Ciclovía, a local programme from Bogota, Colombia. The idea behind it is to give people a chance to reclaim the streets of their community as a public space for walking, cycling, skating, playing, exploring and socialising. Ultimately, Open Streets wants to suspend reality and allow us to imagine a new “normal” for our roads. During Open Streets on 1st October, a 5km section of Cape Town’s M4 (this includes sections of Darling Street, Sir Lowry Road and Victoria Road) will be temporarily pedestrianised.

Previous Open Streets Days have taken place in Langa, Observatory, Mitchells Plain, Bellville and the CBD. However, in the past the route has been no longer than 2km and on 1st October Cape Town will experience the first ever ‘Open Streets Main Road’. It’s free for all and everyone is encouraged to participate and help plan the day.

The dream is to build a network of temporarily pedestrianised streets to help Cape Town residents and visitors connect with their city on a regular basis, and testing a longer stretch (5km) along the Main Road will hopefully provide momentum towards realising that dream. This short video should give you a good idea of what the day will be like.

Get involved

Open Streets is a citizen-driven NPO, in partnership with the City of Cape Town’s Transport and Urban Development Authority, with the financial support from the WWF Nedbank Green Trust, Millennium Trust and Woolworths, as well as the help of many volunteers, residents and friends!

If you want to go beyond just coming to Open Streets, visit their website to find out how can get involved as a working group, volunteer or intern and please contact them if you have any questions.

Woodstock Improvement District

As a large part of the WID area will be included in the route, our security officers will be present on the day to provide additional security, and connect with the people of Woodstock and Cape Town. From a business perspective, initiatives like Open Streets give businesses in Woodstock a chance to open up their doors to the public, and for the people a great chance to support these businesses. Open Streets also offers residents of Woodstock and surrounding areas an amazing chance to get a different perspective of our area by exploring the roads in other ways than just driving past them with a car.

Lastly, if you’ve been thinking of buying yourself a bicycle before summer, why not do it in time to use for Open Streets? A few of our favourite bicycle shops in the area that are worth checking out include Woodstock Cycle Works, Bicycle Express, Cycle Traders and Bike Lane. Most of these shops sell second-hand bikes or are involved in amazing projects!

If you’re part of  any other community development programmes that we could support,  please don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us know.

Invitation to stakeholder meeting

Dear SRA/CID members,

You are invited to the stakeholder meeting. The MSDF and CITP are important policy documents for the City of Cape
Town and contain relevant information for businesses in relation to the future of transport and development within Cape Town.

Please RSVP via this link:
We look forward to seeing you on 22 August.

Happy holiday programme helps homeless children

We have a vision to take care of, and support, children in the Woodstock and Salt River areas who live in shelters, informal settlements or severely underprivileged homes.

There are currently 120 children living on the streets of Cape Town – this is a significant decrease to the estimated 800 in early 2000. While this is a large improvement, the problem is far from over. Paul Hooper of Homestead Project for Street Children says, “Cape Town is still surrounded by chronically deprived communities where children continue to be abused, neglected and exploited.”

There is a need for greater care of the city’s children through collaborative community efforts. We have pioneered a project to address this need, by hosting holiday programmes for children twice a year – in July and December. There is currently one underway at Al Noor Orphanage Centre in Woodstock until 24 July.

The organisations involved in the facilitation of these holiday programmes include our WID team, Woodstock SAPS, City of Cape Town, ACVV and Law Enforcement. The programme includes fun activities such as face painting, colouring in, swimming, and playing outside.

A different meal is served every day, depending on the donations that are brought in on the day. These include hot dogs, cooked meals, soup and sandwiches.

Abigail, our social officer says, “I love that these types of programmes uplift and help children in need. It’s also an opportunity for them to gain some self esteem and self worth through the lessons they learn.”

We rely on community sponsors and donations for this programme to run. We would like to thank Power Flow Exhaust in Salt River for sponsoring R500 towards the holiday programme, and to Al Noor for hosting us and sponsoring food and fruit. More than that, we’d also like to thank Mr Parker for sponsoring juice to the holiday programme and continuing to make an impact in the lives of our children in Woodstock and Salt River.

If you’d like to find out more about this project, donate bread and other ingredients, or make a financial contribution, please email Abigail at WID at

Shortcut to robbery – Town Hall Park

Woodstock residents are being urged to help create a safer environment at the park at the town hall. John Julies, operations manager of the Woodstock Improvement District (WID), says crime has recently escalated in this park next to Woodstock Hall, with five incidents reported since last month.

He says these incidents include two armed robberies in which the victims were robbed at knife point. “Despite these incidents, WID is confident that the park will once again be a safer place and urge all community members to partner with us and authorities.

“Report any suspicious activity to the WID 24/7 control room on 021 462 1205 or email Contact WID if you have been affected by crime in this area,” he says. He says these robberies mostly happen in the early hours of the morning and late afternoons when people are going to and from work using the park as a shortcut.

Julies says there are ongoing security and cleansing operations in recreational areas in the area and WID has also stationed two security officers in the park to be visible until the criminal activities subside. Julies warns residents to not take shortcuts through the park. “Many of them are dressed well and might look harmless, but neat clothing is not a guarantee that they won’t harm you. Be vigilant of everyone who crosses your path,” warns Julies.

Another WID member, Chris Lloyd, says residents must not have their valuables out in plain sight and avoid texting while walking or put on headphones. He says they are working with the police to patrol the area on a daily basis.

One resident, Shae Leigh, says though she has not been a victim herself she has heard about the complaints and is glad the WID is taking action to fight crime. This is the third park in the area that is reportedly unsafe, following People’s Post’s report on two other parks (“Kids spoil dog’s walk”, 20 June).

Woodstock police spokesperson Sergeant Hilton Malila says officers make random visits to the site next to the community park and have noticed there are makeshift structures built on the site. He says they have received reports of alcohol abuse by the people occupying the open space at the park.

“The area is not problematic with criminal incidents, but alcohol abuse is the only thing that is occurring there. “During our scheduled daily operations, the site is visited and people found on the premises are checked out and fingerprinted to verify if they are not wanted. We, however, will keep on monitoring the site to make sure that no criminal activities are taking place.

“We also want to urge the community to report all illegal activities to Woodstock Police Station on 021 442 3117,” Malila says.

Originally published on People’s Post here.

Mason’s Press brings play & creativity to Woodstock businesses

Tammi Glick, Daleglen Property Group Director, firmly believes in the importance of creative play in the small business sector. She says, “The theme here is play; at Mason’s Press we believe that adults lose something critical when they stop playing.”

Mason’s Press, established in March 2015, falls under the management of Daleglen Property Group and has become a creative hub – a space for ideas – with a wide variety of businesses offering products, services and some even coffee. Simply put, it’s a renovated industrial building with spaces that small businesses can rent.

Mason’s Press is comprised of individual units rented by businesses as office, retail, or café spaces, and communal areas. Connecting these are beautiful walkways, installations, outside spaces, and the cherry on top – an adult playground! This is the quirkiest thing about this playful conglomerate; Mason’s Press encourages a place to explore and innovate.

Mason’s Press is also proud to commission local artists, such as Basil Baxter and Ricky Lee Gordon, to create art for its walls. For example, Michael Chandler who designed the exterior of the sister building in the Woodland House complex, Maker’s Space. His vision was to prevent the building from looking out of place, and integrated it as part of the street experience that people would take time to enjoy.

Mason's Press

We are proud to have this creative hub as an integral part of our community. No doubt we’ll see more developments like this in the future fostering and normalising the idea of play for adults. After all, play is the highest form of research according to Albert Einstein, and where better to play than our own backyard – Woodstock.

Next time you’re in the area, pop into see this mixture of offices and working studios. This isn’t a major retail environment so don’t expect to shop up a storm; but you’ll find some gems and you can grab a bite to eat at The Mill & Press, Baseline Coffee or have a drink at The Mash Tun.

Address: 7 Ravenscraig Road, Woodstock, 7925

Contact: 021 424 1210


Three cheers for Three Feathers: burgers, beer & muscle cars

Three Feathers Diner in Woodstock is the ultimate ‘man cave’ for men and women. Think burgers, muscle cars, steak rolls, graffiti and good craft beer. The inside decor sports an orange Mustang and sports memorabilia on the walls. You’ll also find a pool table and foosball table tucked away in the back.

Three Feathers Diner welcomes live music including acoustic tunes and grunge rock. Their sounds will go well with your next shot of tequila. The star of the show, though, is the burgers. Get comfortable, loosen your belt and tuck in to great food like the Corvette, Camaro and Charger. If you’re up for a challenge, order the Guy Fieri burger and boast your chow power. And best of all, the burgers will set you back just R70.

Although the meat takes centre stage at this carnivore’s paradise, you’d be silly to skip the sweet stuff. In particular, we recommend their decadent milkshakes. With a hint of your “old school typical American diner”, it’s like Pulp Fiction made its way into 2017. It’s intimate yet lively, and a gem if you’re looking for a quaint spot to treat the whole family.

If you’re looking for a chilled night out or a good time with a crowd, Three Feathers Diner is where you should go. The graffiti dresses the diner to impress, so come as you are and make sure you’re hungry!

Address: 48 Bromwell Street, Woodstock

Contact: 021 448 6606