Become a member

Who can become a member?

If you are an owner of a commercially zoned property situated within WID’s area you can and should become a registered member of WID.

Why should you become a member of WID?

By pooling resources in an SRA, individual property owners contribute to the collective benefits of a well-managed area, a shared sense of communal pride, safety for all, and social responsibility. These are all matters that commercial property owners should be interested in obtaining, because in the end they translate into a tangible boost in property values and capital investments.

WID is committed to achieving these goals and making Woodstock a cleaner and safer place for all. By becoming a member, you positively back this collective effort and you have a say in the future direction of WID.

Register with WID

Fill out the form below to register and we will contact you with confirmation of your registration. (All fields are required.)

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